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True Story: David Byrne is my Hero

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I, as always, struggle to write about anything other than how much I love David Byrne (of the Talking Heads). Earlier this week he created yet another alternate reality, and he became Willie Onyeabor at the Warfield in San Francisco. It felt like church, and I prayed. In my way; in David’s way.

I write, ostensibly to discuss neurodiversity and contribute to individuals and families, but mostly because I want to meet David Byrne.

When a person with a really cool brain is inspired to create, they inspire others. For me, Ralph Nader helped start it. Some people are taught that law school is a place to learn to cope with reality as it is. Nader kept hope alive, looking for an alternate reality.

While I was distracted by Top Gun in the mid-80s, I wish I had watched Byrne’s “True Stories” earlier. My wife fell in love with David Byrne before she met me, and she introduced me to the movie. When I saw him with St. Vincent two times, it helped deepen my self-empathy. I love interesting brains, I love the main world,  and I love the alternate worlds.

I once had a profile on a dating site where I shared “Have you read any Chuang-tzu? I am not that cool, but I have been useless. Have you read Kierkegaard? I am not that smart, but I have passed out pamphlets. Have you listened to the Talking Heads? I might not be that creative, but I do think in songs.”

She really liked that line.

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