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Is your kid tuning you out?  Let’s talk about how I can help.

Are you currently working with a professional that doesn’t understand giftedness or Asperger’s?  I also provide professional consultations and trainings.

The Columbus Group proposed modifications in three key domains for gifted kiddos: education, counseling, and parenting. A common thread through it all is communication. I explore how neurodiverse thinking styles can be supported with clear communication, resulting in more understanding and connection.

I meet in person, on phone, and by Skype. Email me at bobyamtich@gmail.com to schedule a free 15-minute consult.

I am both a good listener and a good explainer. Sometimes a situation calls for slow empathy and processing, sometimes about a super-specific micro-validation helps solve a puzzle. I will take the time to hear everyone out and work on solutions.

Using a combination of non-judgmental empathy and analytical insight, I decipher the internal mechanisms that keep people stuck and encourage new perspectives.

Check out my radio interview about how my training as an engineer informs my approach to therapy and communication.

Please contact me for more information.